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I’m Patrick Thomas, a designer and digital marketer from Vancouver, Washington.

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How can I help you?

I'm more than willing to whip you up a snazzy new logo, storefront website, or custom typeface. Whatever you need, I’ve got you!

But, if you’re up to it, what I’d really love to talk about is how we can ensure your snazzy new logo and all the other pieces of your brand function as part of well oiled machine. This means getting to know your brand’s unique voice and making sure that your messaging rings true across all your digital and print media.

My experience covers a wide range of design services including ground-up brand development, product packaging, custom built websites with e-commerce capability, and a whole lot more! Regardless of the size or nature of your project, I’ll always be sure to take a wholistic approach that leaves you with an effective and long lasting result.

About Me

I’ve been designing, illustrating, and photographing things for over a decade. I’ve been building web apps and developing user experiences for the past two years. In January of 2021 I moved from Philadelphia, PA to Vancouver, WA with my wonderful partner, Kat and our two cats, Milo & Luna.

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My Skills

  • UX research
  • User flows, content architecture, wireframing, rapid prototyping, user testing
  • Responsive web design
  • Brand development, logo and graphic design, product packaging
  • Front end development with HTML, CSS, and JS (specifically React lately)
  • E-commerce management
  • Product photography

My Goals

  • Prioritize accessibility in every design decision
  • Conduct meticulous user research and subsequent user testing
  • Make revisions based on research results, rather than personal bias
  • Continue to work with people who inspire and challenge me
  • Become a Jeopardy! champion

My go-to Tools

UX Design:

  • Figma for wireframing and high fidelity mockups
  • Invision (or Figma) for prototyping
  • Illustrator (or honestly, Figma) for vector assets
  • Pencil and paper for sketchin'
  • Maze + Useberry for user testing
  • Google forms for user research


  • Sony Alpha A7ii
  • Lightroom for iPad editing
  • Photoshop
  • Procreate for touchups and mixed media
  • A couple of lenses, lots of lights

Branding/Graphic Design:

  • Procreate or Illustrator
  • Adobe Libraries for shared assets and styles
  • Figma for collaboration with stakeholders

Web & e-commerce

  • Excel for product data import/export
  • Contentful CMS and GraphQL for API calls
  • VSCode for Gatsby and NextJS builds
  • Stencil CLI for custom BigCommerce templates
  • Google Analytics