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My work

Logo Design

An eyecatching logo can make the difference between a passerby and a loyal customer. Make it happen with a logo that's as shiny and beautiful as your products and services. Here's a few examples of logos I've whipped up in the past. Regardless of what look you're going for, I can adapt my style to suit your brand's identity!


If I'm not sketching out concepts for a paid project I'm still probably drawing something. Below is a collection of paid and just-for-fun works developed in Affinity, Procreate, or Illustrator.

Web Design

I also design and build websites and mobile apps! A few years ago I got started with a focus on UX. I already had a solid working knowledge of HTML and CSS, so I took it upon myself to learn Javascript and JQuery, then ultimately React. Recently I've been developing a lot of e-commerce sites and web apps using JAMstack technology.

I'm always down to contribute to any part of a web based project, whether it be UX research, pushing pixels, or putting down lines of code.

Style Guides/Brand Books

Having a well organized collection of your brand's assets not only helps you and your team work more efficiently, it also ensures consistency when working with third parties.